Our History

Bethel Temple Baptist Church was born in the heart, mind and soul of the late Dr. C. J. Jennings during the early years of his pastorate, in the state of West Virginia.  A vision that haunted him for five years finally became a reality, on March 12, 1952 in the home of Mr. And Mrs. Arzie Pearson, at 4550 Scotten – Detroit Michigan, with four charter members.  They are as follows:  Mrs. Hattie B. Jennings, Mrs. Gertrude Ferguson, Mrs. Isabell Knott and Mrs. Dessie Webb.  Three months after its organization on June 6, 1952, Bethel Temple Baptist Church met in its first full day of worship and praise on Magnolia and 28th street.

     The Lord did great and wonderful things for our church at this location and we felt this was to be our home and made plans to purchase it, but it was not in the will of God.  Concurrently, in August of 1953 we moved to a smaller building on Nall street.  In November of 1955 we moved to 5110 30th street to accommodate our growing congregation. Our membership weathered many trials in the years surrounding 1955, but kept by the power of God, we were able to take possession of the corner building at 5024 28th street as our new home.
     The vision and deep commitment of our organizing Pastor helped us to overcome the many obstacles placed in our way.  We are indebted to God and to the great personal sacrifices made by our church family whose ministry efforts, financial support, prayers and faith enables us to worship in the beauty and comfort of our present location.  Our organizing pastor Dr. C. J. Jennings labored untiringly with for 22years.  Due to his failing health he retired with honors on his 22nd Anniversary on March 31, 1974. 
     On Pastor Jennings recommendation we accepted Rev. Robert L. West as Pastor, who served us until August 1981.  Under his leadership our spirits were re-awakened and we began to grow, numerically, spiritually and financially.  In December of 1982 Dr. Flemon Stokes was prayerfully and unanimously selected as our Pastor.  Truly God worked a wonder in our midst under his leadership. 
     It was announced to our congregation that after Dr. Stokes’ 21st Anniversary he would step down and recommended that we accept Rev. Damon M. Moseley as our next Pastor.  The congregation accepted Rev. Moseley and on February 10, 2002 he was installed as Pastor of Bethel Temple Baptist Church.
     During our 64 years we have had 22 associate ministers who have assisted our Pastors with the shepherding ministry of God’s people here at Bethel Temple.  Our current Pastoral Staff members are:

                                    Rev. Damon M. Moseley, Pastor

                                    Rev. Chester Allen, Assistant Pastor

                                    Dr. Flemon Stokes Sr., Senior Pastor Emeritus 

                                    Rev. Jason Moseley

                                    Dr. Kenneth Moseley
     Under Pastor Moseley’s leadership we continue to stand strong and push forward in love and unity, and look forward to that great heavenly gathering around the throne of God.  We are truly dedicated to , “Equipping the Saint, Evangelizing the Sinner, and Edifying Society by Expressing the Savior."